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Love your curves with breast augmentation in Kirkland WA

Are you unhappy with the size or shape of your breasts? Have you dreamed of having larger, fuller breasts? If so, you may be an ideal candidate for breast augmentation surgery. At Tseng Plastic Surgery in Kirkland, Dr. Mark Tseng is known for his surgical precision, customized approach, and for his beautiful results.

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Should I have a breast augmentation?

Some of the most common reasons for undergoing breast augmentation include:

  • Smaller breasts
  • Asymmetrical breasts
  • Sagging breasts due to weight loss, aging, or genetics
  • Post-pregnancy changes in breasts
  • Unsatisfactory results from breast augmentation performed by another surgeon
  • Tuberous breasts
  • Age-related volume loss

Before & After

Vectra Imaging

“Try on” your procedure with Vectra Imaging

Dr. Tseng is committed to the highest level of patient satisfaction with the results of a procedure. With the Vectra imaging system, a 3D model of your face, breasts, or body allows you to see, with clarity, how a procedure will appear – on you. The Vectra Imaging system allows for a higher level of precision in planning a procedure for a result that reflects your desires.

Learn More about Vectra Imaging
Mark H. Tseng, M.D.
Mark H. Tseng, M.D.

A custom breast enhancement from Dr. Tseng: What are my options?

Dr. Tseng performs fully customized breast augmentation surgery, which may include:

Silicone breast implants

Silicone implants come in a vast range of sizes and shapes and are often chosen by women as they have the most natural softness, weight, and bounce.

Saline breast implants

Saline implants are filled after being placed so the size can be custom adjusted to achieve the ideal size for you. These implants require shorter incisions due to being filled after placement.

Fat transfer breast augmentation

Fat is harvested from another area of your body with gentle liposuction, purified, and then transferred to add subtle, long-lasting volume.

Combination treatments

Breast augmentation may be performed in conjunction with a breast lift or other cosmetic enhancement.

Undergoing breast augmentation before, during, and after

The first step is a free, private consultation with Dr. Tseng regarding his options for a breast augmentation in Kirkland. The consultation will include an examination, a review of your medical history, and an in-depth discussion about your aesthetic goals. If you choose to undergo a breast enhancement, we will schedule your surgery. We will provide complete pre-operative instructions, including avoiding smoking and certain medications for a couple of weeks before surgery.

A breast augmentation procedure is performed under general anesthesia. It usually takes about two hours. You will need to arrange for transportation home after surgery, as well as someone to assist you at home for a few days. You will need to sleep on your back and not lift anything or raise your arms above your shoulders during the initial healing phase.

Mark H. Tseng, M.D.

What is the recovery time after breast augmentation?

We will provide complete post-surgical care instructions. Recovery may vary depending on your health and the specific technique used, but you should be able to return to work in about a week and resume most normal activities, including exercise, within about six weeks. We will be carefully monitoring your progress throughout your recovery and are always available if you have questions or concerns.

Where are the incisions?

Depending on the type of implants, three incision options are available:

  • Periareolar: An incision around the areola of the nipple.
  • Inframammary: In the natural breast fold.
  • Transaxillary: Through the armpit (saline only).
Mark H. Tseng, M.D.

What are the placement options for implants?

Breast augmentation may involve placing the implants below your natural breast tissue (subglandular) or beneath the chest muscles (submuscular). Generally, the subglandular approach is only appropriate for women with adequate breast tissue.

For women with far less natural breast tissue, a submuscular or “dual-plane” approach will lead to a more natural-looking outcome. All these options will be discussed with you at your consultation so you are fully aware of what to expect in the surgery and recovery time.

"I LOVE my new breasts!"

Mark H. Tseng, M.D.
Mark H. Tseng, M.D.

Why choose Dr. Tseng for breast augmentation in Kirkland?

When under the care of Dr. Tseng, you can trust in his vast experience in plastic surgery, with 17 years in practice. His passion for aesthetics and his artistic eye has led to a reputation for excellence with his custom breast enhancement surgery in Kirkland. Beyond his surgical skills and individualized approach, he has established a practice based on honesty, integrity, and results, and performs custom breast augmentation surgery at reasonable prices.

What are the right sized breast implants for me?

Breast implants are available in many sizes, shapes, and levels of projection. When selecting the size that will look beautiful on your frame, Dr. Tseng will evaluate various aspects of your body, including the width frame, the shape and size of your natural breasts, and the profile you envision for your body.

Moderate and high-profile projections are available. High-profile implants create a more dramatic look, while moderate profile implants appear more natural. Dr. Tseng will listen closely to your vision about your figure and advise you of the projection level that will achieve your personal cosmetic goals.

Get started today

If you are considering breast augmentation, give our office a call for an individualized consultation here at Tseng Plastic Surgery.

Mark H. Tseng, M.D.
Mark H. Tseng, M.D.
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