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People in our area are more health-conscious than ever. We eat better foods and stay active with exercise and engaging in sports. Even with the healthiest lifestyle, you may experience lower energy levels or see the impact of aging on your skin. If this sounds familiar, it might be time to ask Dr. Tseng about IV infusion therapy, also known as drip therapy. After receiving their IV Infusion Therapy Kirkland and Bellevue patients are one step closer to achieving their health and beauty goals!

IV Infusion Therapy Kirkland and Bellevue


If you follow health trends, you have likely heard of IV infusion therapy. This treatment is much more than a celebrity-driven fad – it works. It involves the intravenous delivery method used in medical settings. The difference is that IV infusion therapy does not involve administering medication but is used to deliver skin and body restoring vitamins and nutrients. IV infusion delivery method has many advantages over oral supplements:

  • During the digestive process, a portion of oral supplements may be absorbed into the bloodstream. By contrast, IV infusion delivers the full dose directly to the bloodstream.
  • The exact bioavailability of oral supplements is impossible to predict because it is subject to many variables, including the person’s stomach contents, hydration levels, age, weight, metabolic system, and many more. IV infusion allows exact dosing.
  • Retail nutritional supplements may not be what they claim. According to Harvard Health Blog, research studies have repeatedly found discrepancies between potency claims on supplement labels and actual contents, as well as impurities and unlisted ingredients.


  • Hydrate Me: This infusion supplies your body with instant vital fluids and electrolytes.
  • Boost Me: Refresh your body with hydration, combined with B vitamins, B12, and vitamin C.
  • Revive Me: Illnesses or over-consumption of alcohol can leave your body depleted. This infusion supplies a double dose of anti-nausea, anti-inflammatory vitamins, and B12 to restore and replenish.
  • Migraine: The migraine therapy delivered in this infusion includes anti-nausea medication, pain medication, Pepcid, B vitamins, and B12 to help you recover from a painful migraine.
  • Recover Me: Antioxidants help you recover from inflammation, with vitamin B complex, vitamin C, and glutathione for illness and inflammation recovery.
  • Detoxify Me: This infusion provides antioxidants such as B vitamin complex, B12, vitamin C, and glutathione.
  • Relieve Me: Stomach bugs can be difficult to resolve. This infusion speeds recovery by delivering B complex, V12, vitamin C, antacid, and anti-nausea medication to treat a condition such as a stomach flu, nausea, or food poisoning.
  • Reset Me: The Myer’s cocktail is the classic infusion, with B vitamin complex, B12, vitamin C, and magnesium to treat jet lag, immune system issues, and digestion problems.
  • Beautify Me: This formula is the ideal anesthetic infusion and delivers B vitamin complex, B12, vitamin C, biotin, and glutathione for healthier skin and nails.
  • BioHack Me: Get your body back to peak performance with a cocktail of B vitamins, B12, and NAD to stimulate natural metabolic activity and L-carnitine to increase the body’s fat-burning capacity.
  • Omnilux: This add-on is the ideal skin-restoring nutrient.
  • Fusion signature: This all-inclusive infusion contains B vitamin complex, B12, Vitamin C, LipoStat Plus, Magnesium, Glutathione, Biotin, and Zinc for a full array of nutrients.
  • NAD+: Your body can become more efficient in burning fat with the help of NAD+.
  • NAD+ Boost Me: This infusion includes NAD, antioxidants, B-vitamin complex, B12, and Vitamin C. The best of both NAD+ and Boost Me, our antioxidant booster.
  • Silk: This infusion is a gentle antioxidant that also lightens and brightens your skin.
  • SuperBoost Me: One dose of antioxidants can do wonders, but a double dose can do even more for your body. Enhance your immune performance and shorten certain illnesses with this IV infusion.
  • B12: This treatment is an injection that is a huge energy booster. As B12 diminishes with age, you will enjoy an abundance of benefits.
  • Strength: This infusion is ideal for athletes. It provides the body with B vitamin complex, B12, vitamin C, LipoStat Plus, and glutathione. The formula is perfect for workout optimization, recovery, weight loss, and overall metabolic health.
  • Burn: Burn fat faster with a boost of L-carnitine to trigger fat burning, faster weight loss, metabolic performance, and boost your energy with B vitamin complex, B12, vitamin D, lipo plus, and l-carnitine.


The human body needs food and liquid to survive, but it needs much more than that to thrive. There are 13 different vitamins that are considered essential for human health and countless more beneficial vitamins and micronutrients. The effects of deficiency can range from fatigue to illness or dull, dry skin. An IV infusion can help replenish what is lacking and give your body just the boost it needs. Kirkland IV Infusion Therapy expert, Dr. Tseng, is an experienced physician, and he will perform a comprehensive evaluation before recommending the ideal infusion formula for you. If you want to arrange a consultation or have any questions, we are here to help.

IV Infusion Therapy Kirkland and Bellevue


Product Best Uses Cost Package of 3 Package of 12
Hydrate Me Dehydration, cleanse, hot weather, replenish electrolytes $209 $599 $2299
Boost Me Energy boost, refresh, improve mood, boost energy $269 $799 $2959
Revive Me Hangover, revive, nausea, headache, rehydration, toxin flush $289 $859 $3179
Migraine Migraine relief $289 $859 $3179
Recover Me Immune boost, illness recovery, anti-inflammatory $299 $889 $3289
Detoxify Me (antioxidants) Immune boost, illness recovery, anti-inflammatory $299 $889 $3289
Relieve Me Stomach flu, food poisoning relief, nausea relief $299 $889 $3289
Reset Me Myers cocktail, jet lag, sleep, immune support, healthy digestion $299 $889 $3289
Strengthen Me Workout recovery, illness healing, athletic performance $349 $1039 $3839
Beautify Me Beauty, detox, boost collagen, brighten skin, support healthy growth of skin, hair, nails, antioxidant boost $349 $1039 $3839
Burn Weight loss, boost metabolism, boost energy, burn fat $349 $1039 $3839
SuperBoost Me Surgical recovery, Super immune boost, shortness illness recovery, megaboost antioxidants $399 $1189 $4389
Fusion Signature All inclusive, boost wellness, mental clarity $399 $1189 $4389
NAD Nad, concentration, energy, anti-aging $799 $2389 $8789
NAD+Boost Me Nad + boost (energy, concentraion, free radical scavenging, health and vitality) $999 $2899 $10989
Silk Glutathione for antioxidant use, side effect may include skin whitening or lightening $399 $1149 $4389
B12 Me Vitamin B12 IM injection add on for B12 deficiency with symptoms of low energy, fatigue $149 $399 $1199
BioHack Me Metabolic changes $899 $2599 $9889
Omnilux Omnilux is non-invasive phototherapy that we offer as an add on during your infusion, so you can enjoy the benefits of photo dynamic therapy and skin rejuvenation. $49

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