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What areas of hair loss can be treated?

Dr. Tseng can address hair loss of the head, as well as sparse or patchy facial hair. Whether it’s a receding hairline, bald spots, thinning hair, overplucked eyebrows, a sparse beard, patchy sideburns, or a barely-there mustache, we provide advanced treatments to help restore hair to these areas.


The first and only FDA-approved follicular unit harvesting and implantation system, NeoGraft® offers automation of the FUE (follicular unit extraction) technique and has incredibly high patient satisfaction rates. 

This advanced technology is able to remove individual hair follicles from the scalp without leaving behind a linear scar on the back of the head, as outdated methods have done. In addition, NeoGraft is much more efficient than previous technology, as it’s faster and more accurate than the previous manual extraction or “strip” technique.

regenerative medicine hair restoration

Regenerative medicine hair restoration treatments work by utilizing your own plasma to activate dormant hair follicles. During treatment, blood will be drawn from your vein and placed within a centrifuge to separate the red blood cells.

Once separated, the plasma is added into a syringe so that the plasma can be injected directly into targeted areas of the scalp. Powerful growth factors within the plasma go to work immediately, kick-starting inactive follicles into producing new hair growth. 

Which treatment is right for me?

A personal consultation with Dr. Tseng to discuss his various methods of hair restoration in Kirkland is the best way to know which treatment is right for your specific needs and wants. After examining your hair, closely listening to your aesthetic goals, and evaluating your genetics, he will be able to recommend the right hair restoration treatment for you.

Mark H. Tseng, M.D.
Mark H. Tseng, M.D.

Why choose Dr. Tseng for Hair Restoration in Kirkland?

As a medical professional who genuinely understands the devastating impact of hair loss, Dr. Tseng does everything possible to ensure his patients are highly satisfied with their hair restoration results. When you arrive at our practice, you can be confident that Dr. Tseng’s 17 years of experience as a successful plastic surgeon will help you achieve the best, most natural hair transplant results available. With our array of procedures, you’ll have access to the best of what modern aesthetic medicine has to offer — and Dr. Tseng will ensure that you understand the procedure, recovery, and expected outcome of every treatment. Our focus is on providing the highest level of patient care and dedicated service. To learn more, we invite you from anywhere in the Auburn area to contact our office and schedule a free consultation.

Mark H. Tseng, M.D.
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