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Mark H. Tseng, M.D. Blog | “Boost” vs. budget: Kirkland, WA plastic surgeon discusses the cost and value of silicone breast implants

“Boost” vs. budget: Kirkland, WA plastic surgeon discusses the cost and value of silicone breast implants

As with other important investments in life, we often weigh the cost versus the benefits we’ll get out of that investment. Elective treatments designed to improve your appearance should never be selected on price alone, as all of these procedures and products have implications for your health. Additionally, it’s important to consider the other aspects of your life that will be improved upon by improving your appearance. To give you a better idea as to the benefits that can be enjoyed with Silicone Breast Implants in Kirkland, WA and elsewhere, we at Tseng Plastic Surgery are happy to share that the procedure has earned a 93% “worth it” rating on RealSelf, based off of almost 1,500 recent reviews from real patients who’ve undergone augmentation surgery.

More personally, we see how patients walk with confidence after treatment at our office every day. After going through a big life change such as pregnancy, their confidence and presence are once more renewed after breast augmentation surgery. They’re able to wear the designer outfits that they’ve always loved, without feeling limited by their shape, or without investing in shapewear that temporarily provides the illusion of a “nip and tuck.”

While benefits must be weighed, we certainly don’t want to diminish the fact that cost is a legitimate and often considerable concern. When Dr. Tseng or a member of our staff works with you, we understand that you are more than the feature that you’d like to correct. We are here to answer any questions that you may have about treatment and to ensure that you are comfortable with any approaches and techniques that may be recommended. All treatments, techniques, and products must fit into your lifestyle as well as your budget.

Our goal is to not only help you achieve your goals but to also create as pleasant of an experience as possible during this process. We’re upfront about costs. So, you won’t get any unwanted surprises. Similar to other surgical procedures, the total cost of your procedure depends on factors such as:

  • Type of anesthesia administered for your comfort, and associated supplies and medications
  • Material that is used to create your implant
  • Complexity of treatment; for instance, the type of incision that is required to get your ideal results
  • Prescriptions, garments, and other supplies that are needed post-treatment
  • Medical imaging and tests

Generally, pre-filled silicone implants cost more upfront than saline implants filled during the procedure; however, there are trade-offs. Our patients with silicone implants appreciate how natural they look and feel, like real breast tissue.

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