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Stage One

In Stage One, the hair is still healthy and thick. At this point, there are no indications of hair loss, such as bald patches or a receding hairline or baldness. The hair simply appears youthful and full.

Stage Two

Stage Two brings about the very earliest signs of hair loss. This includes a hairline that is only slightly beginning to recede (typically around the temples).

Stage Three

Stage Three sees the receding hairline creeping back even further from the face. Usually this results in either a U, W, or V shape on the top of the head when viewed from above.

Stage Four

By Stage Four, hair loss is much more noticeable. The crown of the head is either bald or has very sparse hair. The hair between the crown and the receding hairline is thinning. The receding hairline may, at this point, have a deep U shape when viewed from above.

Stage Five

Stage Five is much like Stage Four, only more severe. The section of hair between the crown of the head and the receding hairline is very small, and getting thinner and thinner. By this time, it will be much more difficult to see success from hair loss treatments.

Stage Six

Stage Six sees the bridge of hair disappear, causing the bald areas to join together. Hair on either side of the head may still be present, but the crown and front of the head are now essentially bald.

Stage Seven

At Stage Seven, an individual is considered bald. Typically in this stage, no hair is left except for around the sides of the head.

Your hair restoration consultation

Knowing the stages of hair loss is only the beginning. If you’re concerned about your hair and are interested in hair restoration, we encourage you to contact us to schedule a consultation with Dr. Tseng. As a surgeon who genuinely understands the devastating impact of hair loss, he will happily answer all of your questions and concerns, and will inform you of all options available for treatment.

Mark H. Tseng, M.D.
Mark H. Tseng, M.D.

Why choose Tseng Plastic Surgery?

An incredibly knowledgeable doctor, Dr. Tseng has 17 years of experience as a successful plastic surgeon. In regards to hair treatments, he will help you achieve the best, most natural-looking results possible. Dr. Tseng is known for researching procedures extensively before offering them. He refuses to provide any procedure or product that he wouldn’t choose for himself. Respect, agreement, and integrity are the cornerstones of Dr. Tseng’s philosophy. He believes you deserve access to the most advanced aesthetic science, and in keeping with his dedication to excellence, he has invested in all the latest technology to treat and resolve almost any cosmetic issue. If you’d like to learn more, please reach out and set up a consultation with Dr. Tseng.

Mark H. Tseng, M.D.
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