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Mole removal was once quite difficult and painful. With advances in laser technology, it is now possible to remove even the larger moles more quickly and painlessly than ever before. Dr. Mark Tseng offers his patients the most advanced mole removal system available in the USA. His treatment device can remove unsightly moles from the face and body easily and rapidly.

Mole removal at its best: Dr. Tseng in Kirkland

Our groundbreaking mole removal device is FDA-cleared and has the benefit of almost zero downtime required after your treatment. The device emits extremely short laser pulses that avoid heating the skin and reach beneath the skin to remove unwanted moles, even those difficult to remove with earlier laser systems.  

Benefits of advanced mole removal

Imagine clear, healthy skin, free from an unsightly mole. Our system offers you the following benefits:

  •  Works on all skin types and colors
  • Comfortable to experience
  • Requires fewer treatment sessions 
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Non-surgical mole removal

A mole appearing on your face or body can be removed non-surgically. Moles, or “nevi,” are clumps of darker skin pigment. Moles range in color, appearing pink, brown, black, bluish, or skin-colored, and may be flat or raised. As the skin is exposed to the sun, the moles can darken in color, and more can appear, whether on the face or body. It is always wise to pay attention to the condition of moles, as in some cases, they can develop into skin cancer. Our advanced laser mole removal system can treat moles quickly and effectively. 

How does laser mole removal feel?

Your mole removal will require only a few minutes, and the area to be treated will be numbed for your comfort. The entire procedure takes only minutes to complete. You should not feel any pain during the treatment, and you can trust us to ensure the procedure is comfortable for you.

What is the best laser for mole removal?

Dr. Tseng is committed to ensuring his patients have access to the most advanced technology for mole removal. Our system is effective, fast, requires fewer treatments, and does not harm the surrounding tissues. You deserve to have access to the best aesthetic technology for faster, more effective results in mole removal treatments in Kirkland.

Before & Afters

Mark H. Tseng, M.D.
Mark H. Tseng, M.D.

Why choose Dr. Tseng for mole removal?

Dr. Mark Tseng is among the most experienced plastic surgeons practicing in the Kirkland area. He stays at the forefront in medical technology and offers his patients treatments with the best of the world’s non-surgical treatments for mole removal. 

Mark H. Tseng, M.D.
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