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Mark H. Tseng, M.D. Blog | A “nose” for the rhinoplasty procedure: Kirkland, WA surgeon skillfully transforms this central facial feature

A “nose” for the rhinoplasty procedure: Kirkland, WA surgeon skillfully transforms this central facial feature

our nose is more than its size! A “nose job” or rhinoplasty procedure in Kirkland, WA, at the practice of Tseng Plastic Surgery, is versatile. Plastic surgeon Dr. Tseng also uses techniques customized to your needs to assure satisfaction with the process – before, during, and after treatment.


Your nose is front and center. So, when its appearance is improved, the rest of your face gets a dramatic, confidence-boosting transformation. Many characteristics add up to the overall appearance of this all-important facial feature. In turn, there are many ways Dr. Tseng can sculpt a more pleasing nose, including:
  • Narrow the width of the nasal bridge
  • Elevate the height of the bridge
  • Augment the projection of the bridge to tip
  • Reduce flared nostrils
  • Correct humps and shallow areas
  • Address overly bulbous, large, hooked, and droopy tips

Additionally, the thin wall (or septum) between your nasal passages may be repaired. A deviated septum can affect how you breathe by blocking one or both nostrils. So, nasal surgeries can have functional as well as cosmetic benefits.

It is important to remember that the nose is a functional organ. Trust proper respiration and the attractiveness of this central facial feature to a knowledgeable and experienced plastic surgeon like Dr. Tseng.


Rhinoplasty procedures allow surgical specialists’ artistry to shine because there are so many variations and techniques that may be employed. The specific approach that we take to improve the appearance and/or function of your nose depends at least partially on the feature or condition you need to correct. Generally, though, all nose jobs involve precisely placed incisions that allow for Dr. Tseng to access tissues and structures. In this manner, he can manipulate those tissues and structures to get the patient’s desired cosmetic and functional results. Incisions are closed and, supports (such as splints or gauze) may be applied to aid in proper healing. Full “refinement” of the nose is a gradual process. But patients largely see results starting around two weeks post-treatment, as swelling subsides.

An “open” incision is placed and well-camouflaged in the columella or tissue that bridges the nostrils at the base of your nose. Alternately, a “closed” incision is internal, placed inside of the nostrils. We will not know what approach is best for you until after an evaluation is completed at one of our two Seattle-area offices. During that consultation, Dr. Tseng will also discuss and answer any questions you may have, such as about medications to keep you comfortable and recovering following the procedure.

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